Our Heart

We long to see people, parents especially, equipped with the power of prayer.  We believe that prayer is a vital connection with our Heavenly Father, and the most skipped step of the day. Without prayer, families leave themselves vulnerable to the enemy’s tactics.  Together, in complete obedience to the Lord, they started the prayer ministry He named MOM = Moms of Miracles.  There are many different kinds of moms: spiritual moms, adopted moms, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and birth moms all called to train a child up in the way they should go.  There are even dads who follow the show as they are miracles of their mothers and just as important to the family unit as moms. Together, we agree with you in prayer daily for moms and anyone watching or listening to our show. 

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Why God Created Mothers

It was God in His infinite wisdom that created the beautiful, orderly world with a delicate balance and symmetry that you see all around you. God also created women because man was incomplete without them and would not be able to fulfill His plan of being fruitful and multiplying the earth. Along with manhood, womanhood is a reflection of the character of God because together, they are made in His Image.


Meet Jacey and Rachel


Meet Rachel

Rachel is a prayer warrior. She is a busy working mom and wife that loves Jesus. She has two children, two fur babies, Rudy and Mari and one new feather baby, Eeva (that makes frequent guest appearances on their weekend FB Live shows).  Her family enjoys traveling, camping, hosting gatherings, gardening and remodeling projects of all kinds.  Although Rachel didn’t go to school for graphic artistry and web design, God placed in her a passion and anointing for it.  Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Rachel has learned everything she needs to know to design for a career and God, in His faithfulness, has put her in front of very talented people, companies and agencies who need her web design and graphic artistry services.  Recently, Rachel partnered with her friend and co-host, Jacey Hopper, to launch a Brand called U Had Me At Coffee, L.L.C., to fund the MOM Ministry that God put in their hearts.  Together, they are helping others get healthy in body and soul.


Meet Jacey

Jacey Hopper is quite simply, a follower of Jesus.  She is the prayerful wife and mom to her husband and son.  In early 2016, Jacey read an article about revival that set her soul on fire.  Out of this desire to see revival in the Body of Christ, God commissioned her to start a prayer group. He provided the resources and faithfully showed her who should be invited.  God told her there would be 12 people who would answer the call and exactly 12 people showed up that first day.  Through the obedience of hosting a monthly prayer group, God blessed her with a passion to see people saved, healed and set free in Jesus Christ. Recently, God instructed Jacey to launch a Brand, called U Had Me At Coffee, with her friend and co-host, Rachel, to fund a prayer ministry called MOM = Moms of Miracles. Together, they long to see the Body of Christ healed in their physical temples as well as strengthened in their spiritual temples.