Our Favorite Books

It’s important to seek God’s Word in everything that we do. God warns us to guard our hearts and minds against false teachers and prophets. It’s crucial to seek God first when seeking additional resources. These are some of the resources God has led us to over the years on spiritual warfare, family curses and so much more! We know you will find them helpful too. Enjoy and always remember to pray before and after any resource other than the Bible!


Spiritual warfare

Are evil spirits real? Do we really have invisible enemies? Do unseen beings affect the visible world? Satan tries to convince people he doesn’t exist, but he does. Steve Hemphill’s powerful books provide inspirational insight into one of the most powerful weapons in this cosmic conflict: prayer. He gives us the courage to fight back, putting Satan on notice. He reveals shocking subtleties about the enemy.

His books are informative, inspirational, and instructional in strategies that help advance God’s kingdom while protecting yourself. This Scriptural journey examines how a believer can overcome the forces of darkness through prayer and the power of God’s word. Learn about his personal experiences and enjoy the testimony of others. Steve dissects the Scriptures with amazing focus, and offers prayers to remedy the pains of life that are presently haunting you.


Power PRayers

Are you desiring a more powerful and successful prayer life? Would you like to see more results? God intended you to have victory. So why do your prayers seem to go unanswered? Could it be that a key element of praying powerfully is being left out altogether? Discover the one thing the enemy doesn't want you to know that can make all the difference! In this practical and easy-to-use book, Carla Butaud and Sheila Zilinsky lay out a powerful blueprint for real results! By engaging in warfare against your adversary, the devil, you can step into that powerful place of authority in the spirit realm and begin to experience the outcome you've been waiting for. No matter what is happening in your world-you have the power to change things. It's time to step out in power and achieve your breakthrough.


Ascent from darkness

His assignment from Satan was to kill Pastor Craig Groeschel. Today he sits on the front row of that pastor’s church.

For twenty years of his life, Michael Leehan lived and worked for Satan. At age 33, he made a decision to serve the darkness that he felt had consumed his life, but instead of making things easier, it began a steeper downward spiral replete with ritualistic cuttings, blood sacrifices, jail time, job loss, estrangement from his friends and family, and actual murderous assignments from Satan himself.

Ascent from Darkness relates Michael’s gripping, real-life encounters, enslavement to the powers of darkness, and miraculous emancipation from the clutches of the Enemy.