The Broken Hedge

The Broken Hedge

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Written By Monty Mulkey (Digital Download)

Guide to Understanding God ‘s Provision of Your Hedge of Protection, its Maintenance and Deliverance Techniques.

Are you Hearing Voices or Seeing Things?

“Restoring the Hedge” is what we call the process by which we pray for those who “see” and “hear” in the spirit realm. Those who have had the God given barrier between the spirit realm and the natural realm which we live in, broken or breached. Once again, the Hedge is that invisible barrior that seperates a human from the spirit world. One example of this is, a person on an alcoholic binge that see’s pink elephants flying around. Or the person who can communicate with their deceased aunt.

Seeing in the Spirit Realm is not a Gift

Seeing demons or hearing voices in the spirit world should not be cultivated or sought after. Lots of Christians have never had any teaching in this area and lack understanding of the purpose of the hedge. They often think that hearing or seeing in the “spirit” is natural, that it is a gift from God. It is not. Although there are rare occasions that God allows you to see into the spirit world, (which we will examine more later,) for the most part, if you are experiencing this, your hedge is down or damaged.

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About Monty Mulkey

In 1989 Pastor Monty Mulkey founded the West Coast Church of Deliverance in Thousand Oaks , CA. In add­ition to pastoring WCCD, he is also Senior Pastor of the International Association of Deliverance Churches Inc. and travels extensively between the member churches overseeing, training, and establishing the churches with a deliverance ministry.

Pastor Mulkey was ordained by the Late Rev. Win Worley. (Pioneer of the deliverance Ministry) In addition to his ordination, he has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degreefrom World Christianship Ministries, and has been selected as an Honored member of the International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs for his international work. Pastor Mulkey has authored and reasearched books in many languages on variousdeliverance topics.

WCCD, an established ministry, also hosts international seminars throughout the year to further train and to over­see the traing of future missionaries to further the spread of the deliverance ministry. The workshops have been attended by visitors around the world and have established a reputation for the serious deliverance worker.